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6-12W Single Output Wall Mount Adaptor


  • Constant Voltage Mode
  • Mini Size and Easy Portable
  • Light & Convenient Plug in

6-12W Single Output Wall Mount Adaptor

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Parameter Specifications
 Input Voltage ...US30... 100~240VAC
  ...US10... 100~120VAC
 Input Voltage Range ...US30... 90~264VAC
  ...US10... 90~132VAC
 Efficiency 70% Min.
 Over Current Protection 120% Min.
 Over Voltage Protection 120% Min.
 Short Protection Auto Recovery
 load Regulation ±5%
 Withstand voltage AC2000V/Min(between I/P & O/P)
  5mA (Max.) (US10)
  AC3000V/Min(between I/P & O/P)
  5mA (Max.) (US30)
 Insulation Resistance DC500V 100MΩ(Min.) (Between I/P & O/P)
 Operating Temperature 0 to +40°C
 Operating Relative Humidity 5~95%RH
 Storage Temperature -20 to +85°C
 Safety standard UL, cUL, PSE Mark, T Mark, CB, CE approved
 Dimensions 60x44x26mm




Min Note Book PC, Digital Camera, CD-ROM & HUB, Printer, Communication Terminals, Tester Machine
, Any Portable Device or Machine

* X = "1", Input Voltage 100~120VAC
* X = "3", Input Voltage 100~240VAC

No. Model Input Output Iomin Iomax Load Reg. Power
1. US100523 100~120 VAC +5.00VDC 0.00A 2.30A ±5.00% 11.50(w)
2. US300520 100~240 VAC +5.00VDC 0.00A 2.00A ±5.00% 10.00(w)
3. USC312-1427 100~240 VAC +14.20VDC 0.00A 0.27A ±5.00% 3.83(w)
4. USx00320 100~240 VAC +3.30VDC 0.00A 2.00A ±5.00% 6.40(w)
5. USx00620 100~240 VAC +6.00VDC 0.00A 2.00A ±5.00% 12.00(w)
6. USx00716 100~240 VAC +7.50VDC 0.00A 1.60A ±5.00% 12.00(w)
7. USx00913 100~240 VAC +9.00VDC 0.00A 1.30A ±5.00% 11.70(w)
8. USx01210 100~240 VAC +12.00VDC 0.00A 1.00A ±5.00% 12.00(w)
9. USx01508 100~240 VAC +15.00VDC 0.00A 0.80A ±5.00% 12.00(w)
10. USx05520 100~240 VAC +5.00VDC 0.00A 2.20A ±5.00% 11.00(w)


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