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2~6W Single Output Wall Mount Adaptor


  • Constant Voltage Mode (C.V)
  • Super Mini Size and Easy Portable
  • Light & Convenient Plug-in

2~6W Single Output Wall Mount Adaptor

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Parameter Specifications
 Input Voltage 100~240VAC
 Input Voltage Range 90~264VAC
 Efficiency 65%Min.
 Over Current Protection 120%Min.
 Over Voltage Protection 120%Min.
 Short Protection Auto Recovery
 load Regulation ±5%
 Withstand voltage AC3000V/Min (between I/P & O/P 5mA(Max.)
 Insulation Resistance DC500V 100MΩ(Min.) (between I/P & O/P)
 Operating Temperature 0~40°C
 Operating Relative Humidity 5~95%RH
 Storage Temperature -20 to +85°C
 Dimension UL305 44x32x22.5mm
  UL305(T) 44x32x19.0mm




Lithium Ion Battery Charger
Digital Camera
Communication Terminals
Tester Machine
Any Portable Device or Machine

(T) PSE Mark only

No. Model Input Output Iomin Iomax Load Reg. Power
1. UL305-0505(T) 90~264 VAC +5.00VDC 0.00A 0.50A ±5.00% 2.50(w)
2. UL305-0510(T) 90~264 VAC +5.00VDC 0.00A 1.00A ±5.00% 5.00(w)
3. UL305-0605(T) 90~264 VAC +6.00VDC 0.00A 0.50A ±5.00% 3.00(w)
4. UL305-0610(T) 90~264 VAC +6.00VDC 0.00A 1.00A ±5.00% 6.00(w)
5. UL305-0905(T) 90~264 VAC +9.00VDC 0.00A 0.50A ±5.00% 4.50(w)
6. UL305-1205(T) 90~264 VAC +12.00VDC 0.00A 0.50A ±5.00% 6.00(w)
7. UL305-3315(T) 90~264 VAC +3.30VDC 0.00A 1.50A ±5.00% 4.95(w)
8. UL305-4207(T) 90~264 VAC +4.20VDC 0.00A 0.70A ±5.00% 2.94(w)
9. UL305-5605(T) 90~264 VAC +5.60VDC 0.00A 0.50A ±5.00% 2.80(w)
10. UL305-7508(T) 90~264 VAC +7.50VDC 0.00A 0.80A ±5.00% 6.00(w)
11. UL305-8505(T) 90~264 VAC +8.50VDC 0.00A 0.50A ±5.00% 4.25(w)
12. UL305-9602(T) 90~264 VAC +9.60VDC 0.00A 0.20A ±5.00% 1.92(w)


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