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99 ~ 150 Watt Quarter Brick DC to DC Converter


  • Utilizing Patented Flat Transformer Technology
  • Industry Standard Pin-out Configuration
  • OVP, OCP, OTP Protections
  • Remote sense for the output voltage
  • On/Off control reference to input side

99~150 Watt Quarter Brick DC to DC Converter

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Parameter Specifications
 Input Voltage Range See Model List
 Output R & N 150mVp-p
 Load Regulation 0.5% max
 Output Temperature Drift 0.02%/C
 Settling Time 500 μ sec. max
 Trimming Range 10%
 Remote Sense Compensation 0.2V
 ON State Voltage ... (5.0V Typ.) ... 3.5~7.0V
 OFF State Voltage 0~0.9V
 Isolation ... input to output ... 1500VDC
  ... input to baseplate ... 500VDC
  ... output to baseplate ... 500VDC
 Isolation Capacitance ... input to output ... 1300pF
 Insulation Resistance ... input to output ... 50 MΩ
 O.V.P. Set-Point 120%~130% of output voltage
 O.C.P. Set-Point 105%~125% of full load
 O.T.P. Set-Point 95C~105C
 Long-Term Short Circuit Current 0.3A
 UVLO/Start up voltage 93%~98% of input voltage
 UVLO/Shut down voltage 88%~95% of input voltage
 Thermal Resistance ... (w/o heat-sink) ... 7C/W
 Storage Temperature -40C to 125C
 Operating Temperature -10C to 70C
 Storage Humidity 0%~95%
 Operating Humidity 0%~95%




1. High active (or open) in On/Off control pin. Low logic level (0~0.9V) will disable the converter.
2. Once the protection circuit performs, the converter will shutdown. One should remove the fault and re-power again (not auto-recover)

No. Model Input Output Iomin Iomax Load Reg. Power
1. QMT100-24-3.3 18-36 VDC +3.30VDC 0.00A 30.00A 0.50% 99.00(w)
2. QMT100-24-5 18-36 VDC +5.00VDC 0.00A 20.00A 0.50% 100.00(w)
3. QMT100-48-3.3 36-75 VDC +3.30VDC 0.00A 30.00A 0.50% 99.00(w)
4. QMT100-48-5 36-75 VDC +5.00VDC 0.00A 20.00A 0.50% 100.00(w)
5. QMT150-48-12 36-75 VDC +12.00VDC 0.00A 12.50A 0.50% 150.00(w)
6. QMT150-48-5 36-75 VDC +5.00VDC 0.00A 30.00A 0.50% 150.00(w)


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