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20 Watt Wide Input DC to DC Converters


  • 20W Isolated Output
  • Pi Input Filter
  • 2:1 Input Range
  • Efficiency To 86%
  • Remote On/Off Option
  • Continuous Short Circuit Protection

20 Watt Wide Input DC to DC Converteres

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Parameter Specifications
 Input Voltage Range 24V......18-36V 48V......36-72V
 Input Filter Pi Type
 Voltage Accuracy ±1% max
 Transient Response Single 25% Step Load Change ...... <500μ sec.
 Temperature Coefficient ±0.02%/°C
 Ripple & Noise (20MHz BW) 75mVp-p max
 Output Voltage Trim Range ±10%
 Minimum Output Current 10%
 Short Circuit Protection Continuous
 Line Regulationą Single ...... ±0.2% max
 Load Regulation˛ Single ...... ±1.0% max
 External Trim Adjust. Range ±10.0%
 Current Limit Threshold Range 110~140%
 Isolation Resistance 10˛MΩ min
 Switching Frequency 500KHz Type
 Operating Temperature Range -25°C To +70°C
 Storage Temperature Range -40°C To +100°C
 Case Temperature 100°C Max
 EMI/RFI Six Sided Continuous Shield
 Remote On/Off Control  
 Logic Compatibility COMS or Open Collertor TTL
 EC-ON > +5.5VCD or Open Circuit,
 EC-OFF < 1.8VDC
 Control Common Reference to input minus
 Case Material Black Coated Copper With Non-Conductive Base


No. Model Input Output Iomin Iomax Load Reg. Power
1. E20-20 18-36 VDC +3.30VDC 0.00A 5000.00mA ±1.00% 20.00(w)
2. E20-20C 18-36 VDC +2.50VDC 0.00A 5000.00mA ±1.00% 20.00(w)
3. E20-21 18-36 VDC +5.00VDC 0.00A 4000.00mA ±1.00% 20.00(w)
4. E20-30 36-72 VDC +3.30VDC 0.00A 5000.00mA ±1.00% 20.00(w)
5. E20-30C 36-72 VDC +2.50VDC 0.00A 5000.00mA ±1.00% 20.00(w)
6. E20-31 36-72 VDC +5.00VDC 0.00A 4000.00mA ±1.00% 20.00(w)


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